Table Saws

Find a cutting edge table saw

If you often work with wood, a table saw is probably your most important purchase. This powerful, stationary machine can cut a variety of types of wood, as well as other materials, to your exact specifications for home repair, furniture building, craft projects and more.

If you're looking for an inexpensive handyman tool, portable table saws are your best bet at under $500 on average. For more substantial construction projects, spring for a high-quality contractor's or hybrid saw — they're the best table saws available for heavy use and high precision. If you shop around, you should be able to find professional-grade used table saws at a reasonable price.

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To get the best saw for the best price, use these brief reviews of table saws to guide your decision.

Dewalt and Delta Table Saws

Dewalt has been a leader in the sale of high-quality contractor's tools for many years. One of their most versatile units is the Heavy-Duty Compact Job Site table saw. This small unit packs a powerful punch with its impressive 16-inch rip capacity. With the professional-strength of Dewalt table saws at a price comparable to other table saws, the Heavy-Duty Compact Job Site table saw is the perfect cross between strength and affordability.

Delta sets the standard for full-sized contractor saws. Check out the 10-inch Left Tilt Table Saw with precise blade controls, a generous cast iron work surface and a wide range of specialty blades. It's everything you need and more, whether you're a professional contractor or just a handyman who wants the same impressive tools that the professionals use!

Bosch and Jet Table Saws

Another great portable saw is the Bosch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity Rise. This innovative tool can be used as either a stationary or a portable saw, depending on whether you set it on a solid surface or attach the specially designed Gravity Rise stand. These Bosch table saws provide the best of both worlds.

One more brand to check out is Jet. The Jet 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw attaches to any work surface and comes complete with generously sized rapid extension wings, allowing you to cut material up to 24 inches wide. Jet's advanced technology ensures that the saw remains completely stable and vibration-free, making it easy to produce highly accurate cuts.