Power Tools

Get the job done with heavy duty power tools

While hand tools are helpful for those small jobs around the house, major home repairs and projects often require power tools. These heavy-duty tools require electricity to operate but offer far more power than simple "elbow grease" ever could. Many power tools, such as table saws and drill presses, are large and heavy and designed to stay in one place, but smaller cordless power tools are designed to offer the best of both worlds: the power of power tools with the portability of hand tools.

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Must-Have Power Tools

There are numerous types of power tools out there, but odds are you don't have a use — or the space — for all of them. While many of the tools you need will be dictated by your specific hobbies and projects, there are few power tools that should be part of every household.

An electric screwdriver comes in handy for those projects that require long screws or lots of screws. With rotation speeds far exceeding those possible with the human hand, electric screwdrivers make quick work of all types of screws without putting stress on your elbow and wrist joints. While many people use their cordless drills to drive screws, electric screwdrivers are a cheaper, easier-to-handle option, and most feature multiple speeds specifically designed to apply the proper pressure for different screws and materials, taking the guesswork out of most home construction and repair projects.

A chain saw is another important power tool to have on hand, especially if you have trees on your property. Available in either gas or electric models, these heavy duty power tools allow you to trim dead branches and cut them up for disposal before they fall or are blown onto your property, potentially causing damage. A chain saw also comes in handy for removing bushes or trees that are diseased, dying or simply in the way.

Popular Power Tool Brands

With the many, many brands of power tools available, it can be difficult to know which ones offer quality products and which ones don't. While there's nothing wrong with looking for a good deal, keep in mind that power tools are an investment, and you're going to have to pay a bit more for a product that will last. In addition to price, compare the products' runtime, durability, versatility and overall power, then choose the best product you can afford.

For ultimate versatility, Ryobi power tools in the 18V ONE+ line all run off the same interchangeable rechargeable battery. This saves money, storage space and the environment — fewer batteries equals less environmental impact.

Delta power tools are manufactured by Porter-Cable, which set the industry-recognized standard of excellence for power tools, so you know these tools are worth their slightly higher price tag.

Milwaukee power tools are designed for professional users, so they're incredibly powerful, durable and reliable, but most homeowners won't get enough use out of them to justify the cost. Bosch power tools, on the other hand, are also professional-grade but are much more manageable and affordable for the casual user.

With perhaps the broadest range of products available, Dewalt caters to everyone from the weekend handyperson to the professional construction worker. Compact Dewalt power tools are designed for optimum portability, while the XRP line is designed for speed and the Nano line is built for strength. Dewalt also offers a line of 18V cordless tools that, like Ryobi power tools, are designed to work with the same interchangeable battery.