Drywall Tools

Making drywall installation easier

Whether you're installing drywall for the first time or you've done it many times before, the right drywall tools can really make a difference in the quality and look of the finished walls. Here are a few things you'll need to know when shopping for drywall tools and equipment.

Basic Drywall Tools

No matter what type of drywall sheets you'll be using, there are some basic items you'll need to have in your arsenal. A good utility knife and a T-square are musts, of course, though you probably already own these basic contractor's tools. You'll also want a few cutting tools such as a drywall knife, a keyhole tool and a circle cutter. These saw-like devices are essential for trimming and fitting around electrical panels and other obstacles. Ames drywall tools are a great choice for inexpensive cutters of various types and sizes. You can also check out your local paper or online classified ads for used drywall tools for an even better bargain.

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Drywall Fastening Tools

There's more to fastening drywall than simply nailing or screwing it into place. Improperly fastened drywall can be dangerous, so it is important to ensure that nails or screws are positioned properly and are neither too deep nor too shallow. To ensure the safest finish, use drywall-specific fastening tools.

An ordinary hammer can break or damage the drywall paper, but the head of a specially designed drywall hammer is convex to prevent such damage. Similarly, ordinary screws can tear the paper or be too long or too short to properly secure the drywall to the studs. Use drywall screws and fasten them with a professional-grade electric screwdriver designed for drywall applications. You can also use a cordless drill, but make sure it has variable speeds and seek professional direction or advice, either in person or online, before starting.

Porter-Cable drywall tools have an excellent reputation among professionals, and their line of professional-grade fastening equipment will help you do the job perfectly every time.

Drywall Finishing Tools

Once the drywall is properly secured in place, there are some special tools required to put the finishing touch on your walls. Properly taping and sanding your drywall will make a visible difference to your finished product. For a professional look at a do-it-yourself cost, check out FinishPro drywall tools, including drywall taping tools, knives and mud pans, and a variety of sanding equipment.