Cordless Drills

The benefits of battery powered drills

Cordless drills have virtually unlimited applications. Try your hand at exciting woodworking or crafting projects, hang pictures and other décor items, and perform home repairs and construction projects effortlessly. Your cordless drill does all the hard work for you as it drills holes, drives screws and installs wall and cabinetry hardware.

Popular Brand-Name Cordless Power Drills

Shopping for the perfect cordless drill can be a bit confusing since there are so many products of widely differing quality on the market. Some top brands known for their high standards and top-quality products are Bosch, Ryobi, Makita and Dewalt.

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If you're looking for the ultimate in power, look no further than Bosch cordless drills. The 12V Max Drill Driver is billed as the most powerful drill ever produced, and on top of that, it also features a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than other brands' batteries. Another professional-grade option is Ryobi cordless drills. Ryobi's "One" model can handle heavy-duty drilling projects of all kinds and uses interchangeable One batteries, which work with a full line of Ryobi power tools.

For rough construction environments, Makita cordless drills are a must. These rugged tools, with extended-life cordless drill battery chargers, last for years even in the most demanding conditions.

Finally, if affordability is your first priority, consider Dewalt cordless drills. With unparalleled power and versatility, including a dual speed range and an adjustable clutch, Dewalt's Heavy Duty Cordless Drill is ideal for the home handyman (or woman).

Features of Cordless Power Drills

Aside from selecting a high-quality brand, you'll also want to pay attention to the additional features that some brands offer. Take a close look at the cordless drill battery and charger, because even if you've picked out a top-rate drill, it's completely useless if it can't stay powered. Make sure that the rated battery life is sufficient for any job you might want to undertake.

Another useful tip is to check to make sure that the charger that comes with your drill is portable and will work in standard outlets.

Some other additional features that you may enjoy include a soft rubberized grip for hand comfort, a hi-low switch for battery conservation and a powered LED work light for drilling at night, in deep shadows or in poor lighting conditions.