Air Tools

A guide to air tools

Most serious contractors consider a high-quality air compressor an indispensable tool for almost any job. That's because when connected to specially designed air powered tools, a simple air compressor can provide massive amounts of power — even when minimal electricity is available.

Air powered tools essentially work like a gun: Pressurized air is used to propel nails, staples, caulk and even house paint at high speeds.

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Auto Air Tools

If you're interested in purchasing home or auto air tools, check out a discount retailer first. These retailers often have name-brand tools like Senco air tools at up to 75 percent off. It's a great way to pick up a small home air compressor and some professional-grade tools at a great price. You can also get discount air tools by purchasing a compressor and some basic air tools together as a set.

If you do a lot of auto mechanical work, some full-sized compressor and auto air tool sets can help you do everything from operating wrenches to cleaning your shop or garage floor. If you only occasionally do auto work, you might find less expensive mini air tools and a mini air compressor the better option. These hand-held units are really convenient around the house and garage and are easy to transport and use, especially if you don't need the full power of a professional-grade unit.

Sanding, Grinding and House Painting Air Tools

A little-known use for air tools is interior and exterior house painting. If you've ever painted before, you know just how time consuming and exhausting it can be. But a mini or full-sized air compressor makes this tough job a breeze, regardless of how large an area you need to paint. Simply select your sprayer head and get to work. The compressor does all the hard labor for you— all you have to do is just move the sprayer head from side to side to cover the area.

Sanding and grinding are two other labor-intensive tasks that air tools can make short work of. Ingersoll Rand is well-known for its heavy-duty, long-lasting products, and some of the more popular IR air tools include their conventional and random orbital sanders, and the G and Pro series grinders.