Find the right tool for the job

No home is complete without a complete selection of hand tools and power tools. Having tools on hand makes it easy and convenient to perform routine maintenance on your home as needed, and they're extra-handy when an accident or emergency requires immediate attention.

In addition to toolbox staples like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and saws, consumers with particular needs can also purchase tool sets designed for specific applications. Some examples include flooring tools designed to help you remove and replace tiles and laminates, drywall tools for crafting walls and woodworking tools that offer precision cutting, shaping and sanding capabilities.

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Tips for Getting Value from Your Tools

If you're not much of a handyman, you'll probably be just fine with an inexpensive set of tools that will get the job done on an as-needed basis. There's little need to spend the extra money on premium products if you don't anticipate heavy usage.

However, if you regularly use tools for hobbies and home improvement projects, investing in a more expensive set makes good financial sense. Not only will you get more life out of your tools, but high-quality hand tools and power tools are protected by more extensive manufacturer warranties. Thus, you're protected even in the event of a premature failure or breakdown.

Of course, used tools are always an option if you're on a tight budget. You can source these through online and print classified ads, and your local Yellow Pages directory may be able to point you to secondhand tool retailers in your area.

Specialty Tools for the Serious Handyman

As an alternative to conventional power tools, air tools offer numerous safety and usability benefits. Also known as pneumatic tools, air tools are powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide. Their power-to-weight ratio is superior to electric power tools, which allows you to use smaller, more lightweight tools to complete tasks. This is both safer and more economical.

If you've got a green thumb, garden tools will make it much easier to create the yard of your dreams. In addition to essentials like hoes, shears and wheelbarrows, you can buy highly specialized products like bypass loppers for easy tree pruning and irrigation pumps for effective water delivery, in addition to countless others. No matter what the task, there's a garden tool designed especially for it.