Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning tips

Every year, homeowners across the globe are faced with the huge task of spring cleaning. After months of terrible winter weather and days spent stuck inside, every home could use a good clean out. But spring house cleaning doesn't have to be a chore! With a few spring cleaning tips, you can turn that mountain of work into an enjoyable afternoon.

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The key to a great spring cleaning is organization. Start off with a clear spring cleaning list that will keep you on track. The problem that most people run into is that they start cleaning with one project, but as they're working on that project they run into other things that they hadn't thought of, and get off track working on something new, without finishing what they started. Making a list will prevent getting side tracked, since if you happen to run into another job, you simply add it to the list to be completed later. That way, you always complete the task you started out with.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

While everyone's list will include different things, depending on the type and location of the home, there are several things that should top any spring cleaning checklist.

To start, windows are a biggie. After all that terrible winter weather, windows can look dingy and dirty. Make sure to clean both the inside and the outside to make them spotless and let in all that great spring sunshine.

While you're working on windows, don't forget your blinds and curtains. A good wipe down with a damp cloth will usually suffice for blinds, but don't be afraid to strip curtains right down and throw them in the laundry. However, check for tags or check your owner's manual, as some curtains require dry cleaning.

Carpets and floors are the next step. Dirty boots drag winter grub indoors and it gets left there for months. A good vacuuming, along with some carpet cleaning and some floor steaming, can bring life back into that dingy floor.

Blankets and comforters can also be a big cause of odor, so make sure that you get them off the beds and into the wash. Good weather means you can hang them outside, saving energy costs and leaving the blankets and your home smelling fresh.

The key to a good spring cleaning is to make sure that you think of all the little things: if something looks or smells like winter, give it a good cleaning!