Pool Cleaning

The best pool cleaning accessories

Pool cleaning is the dirty side of enjoying your summer outside beside the water. The great thing about swimming pool cleaning is that it gets easier the more often the pool is used, so it gives you an excuse to spend more time in the water.

Cleaning a frequently used pool is easier because the water is more often stirred up without the assistance of the pump. Moving water is always more cleanly than standing water, so the more the kids splash, the less you have to worry about built up algae or other unpleasant water plants.

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The easiest way to maintain your pool is to hire a pool cleaning service that will regularly come to clean the dirt from the pool and test the water to make sure that chemical balances are in check. Keeping the water balanced will help prevent growth of algae, as well as making the water safer for you to swim in.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

If you enjoy working outside and spending time at your pool, a pool cleaning service isn't necessary. You can easily maintain your pool on your own, as long as you have the right pool cleaning equipment. Some of the things that you need to make sure you have include a vacuum and a brush to keep the liner clean; a net to keep the water clear of debris; and a cover to make sure nothing gets into your pool when you're not using it.

Regular maintenance also means that you should have a good functioning pump and filter system, as well as a chlorinating system and water tester to ensure proper chemical levels.

Pool Cleaning Accessories

Since maintenance is such a regular and important part of pool ownership, manufacturers have come up with complete lines of pool cleaning accessories that are also decorative and fun. Since these accessories spend so much time in and around the pool, they're made to fit right in with the décor.

You may find things such as thermometers or chlorine floats made in different shapes. Some favorites may include ducks, dolphins or decorative balls.

You can also find pool cleaning accessories such as automatic vacuums that are always left in the pool and simply roll around picking up debris, even while the pool is in use. The latest automatic vacuums are so small and discreet, you would never know they were in the pool.