Fall Cleaning

Fall cleaning tips

Almost everyone spends some time spring cleaning, but no home owner should forget about fall cleaning, either. Fall house cleaning and fall yard cleaning are good ways to prepare your home and family for winter. As you clean, keep an eye out for any damage or wear to your home, which should be fixed before bad weather makes it worse. You should also pay attention to how well your home is sealed at this time, as any cracks or weakness around windows and doors can make your home cold and increase your heating bills in the winter.

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With a few fall cleaning tips, you can make the job a little lighter and a little more effective.

Fall Yard Cleaning

Fall yard cleaning may be the most important job to prepare for winter. While it may seem easier to just leave things alone and let the snow hide the mess during the winter, what you'll find is that spring cleaning is ten times harder when no one did any fall cleaning.

Most importantly, clean up those leaves and mow the lawn one last time. Your grass will grow up green and fresh if you tidy it up before the snow falls. While some people like to leave the leaves on the ground as mulch, it's much more effective to pick them up and put them into a compost pile, using the compost to fertilize the grass or your gardens in the spring.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Your fall cleaning checklist should include more than just lawn work. Outside, you should prepare for winter by covering your garden or any delicate plants. Take the time to reseal the driveway before winter weather gives it a beating. Close the pool properly to ensure and easy spring opening.

Inside, you should also do a little cleaning, as well. Some people will need to install their winter windows, so make sure to clean the spring windows well so that they aren't as messy when it's time to remove the winter windows again.

Another great tip is to go through your closet. As you're pulling out your winter wear, examine your spring and summer clothes for fit, wear and style. If you didn't wear it all summer, consider donating it to charity, as it obviously isn't in your favorites anymore. This will make room for your winter clothing, and eventually for new spring clothes. It will also help out someone who needs some new clothes next spring, but isn't able to afford them.