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The U.S. Department of Justice reports that out of the 2 million burglaries that occur in America each year, 68 percent of the victims are residential property owners. However, homeowners have many options for safeguarding their homes and relieving anxieties about invasion. Setting up a security system with home monitoring ensures that your possessions are being looked after even when you're away.

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Home Surveillance

In addition to security alarms and sensors, residential security cameras can play a large role in providing defense against many types of theft and danger. Exterior cameras offer the benefit of detecting perimeter invasions before the intruder gains access to the house. Interior security cameras can assist authorities in identifying burglars who evade capture, while providing homeowners with indisputable proof for insurance claims. They can also show evidence of thefts and property damage that occur even when there is authorized entry, as in the case of hired employees and service workers.

While visible surveillance equipment can be tampered with, it also has the potential to discourage others from committing a crime at all. In fact, many homeowners have begun to emulate business owners in using fake security cameras as an inexpensive option. They are designed to resemble real cameras, often incorporating flashing LED lights and fake network cables to convince intruders that they are being watched.

Home Security Monitors

Security cameras installed on your property are only beneficial if the recorded activity will be monitored. Monitoring can be performed 24 hours a day by a professional security service, as well as on-site by hired guards or the property owner. Most commercial home monitors function by providing homeowners with an on-site control panel for distress calls, along with continual backup support from trained employees. Cameras should be set up in areas that are likely targets, such as living rooms containing expensive electronics and entertainment products. Whether the cameras are visible or not is up to you, but a wireless security camera is easier to conceal, as it uses a transmitter and receiver instead of cables to operate.

Before setting up a home monitor, consider that different methods of monitoring achieve varying levels of security. A professional monitor remains alert to danger even when the house is empty, and can notify the appropriate authorities instantly. A professional service can also raise an alarm for other unexpected events, such as fires and carbon monoxide leaks, or be used to assist elderly residents in need of medical attention.

Your reasons for installing security cameras should influence the amount of coverage you seek, the number and placement of cameras, and the frequency of monitoring. It is always a good idea to seek consultation from friends, security companies or the local police department before deciding on the exact setup. With a little effort, you can outsmart intruders and guarantee that your family won't be helpless in an emergency.