Furniture Repair

Taking care of your favourite pieces

If you truly love a piece of furniture and find it damaged or worn by time, furniture repair can offer you the opportunity to fix it up like new. Frequently, you'll want to consult a professional, especially if you're dealing with antique furniture repair or leather furniture repair. These types of furniture repair can be more delicate and complicated, so you want to avoid potentially making the problem worse and have someone who knows what they're doing take care of your piece.

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When it comes to wood furniture repair, depending on the type of damage or the piece of furniture involved, you may feel like attempting a fix on your own. You can frequently repair wood furniture on your own with some glue or wood nails. However, if you're not sure how to best complete the repair, or if you really care about the appearance of the piece, you may also want to have this done by a professional.

Antique Furniture Repair

Antique furniture repair can be delicate business. Pieces of furniture that were originally made by hand, or that are made of materials that are very aged, can be extremely fragile and prone to more damage. There may be particular materials that need to be used in the repair of the piece, or there may also be specific techniques that have to be used to best repair something from years gone by.

Don't be afraid of antique furniture repair, though. If you find a piece that you really love at an auction or a flea market, or even at a garage sale, you may be able to pay a reasonable price for it, which will make up for the expense of the repair.

Leather Furniture Repair

Leather furniture repair needs to be completed by a professional simply because it is very difficult to fix a leather piece without making the repair obvious. You want to take the piece to someone who knows how to work with leather, and who can also provide you with materials that exactly match the original.

Even if the damage isn't done to the leather and is, instead, structural damage, working with the leather to get to the part that is damaged needs to be done by someone who knows what they're doing. You can do more damage to your piece by trying to fix it!