Garage Remodeling

Rethink your garage plan

In many homes, the garage is filled with scattered tools, car parts, toys and bikes. Even though it's not part of your home's actual home's living space, your garage can still be remodeled to improve the functionality of the space and reduce clutter.

Converting a Garage

Because garages are usually large, they can be converted into usable living spaces. The most common reason for converting a garage is as a bedroom remodeling project to space that can be rented out to a tenant or used by a family member who wants more privacy.

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Though most garages have extensive wiring for lighting already in place, there are a few possible complications that you'll need to address. What should be done with the space that was occupied by the garage doors, if you're going to remove them? The best way to fill this hole is to build a wall or add a large window. Whatever you choose to do, make sure everything blends with the rest of the house, especially when viewed from the outside.

Remodeling a garage might also include laying new flooring, since most garage floors are made of simple concrete. If the new room is going to be used year-round, it is important to install a layer of insulation beneath your new carpet or wood flooring. This will reduce the effects of temperature extremes while protecting the room from excess moisture.

Garage remodeling might also include plans to extend your home's heating and cooling system. This will be easy if the garage is attached, but if it isn't, adding electric baseboard heaters and window-mounted air conditioners should do the trick.

Garage Additions

Some homes aren't built with garages. Building one yourself or hiring a contractor to build one could be one of the best home improvement projects you ever undertake. Not only will the added room give you new storage space, it can extend the life of your car's paintjob by reducing its exposure to the elements.

Garage plans are available for nearly any size garage you have in mind. Only one car? You build a small garage in a relatively short period of time. Generally, garage building plans are designed for two to three cars, but they can be modified for up to six vehicles. Lofts, apartments and even bathrooms can be incorporated into any design.