Bedroom Remodeling

Better bedroom designs

Bedrooms aren't just for sleeping; they are safe havens from the outside world. They should reflect your taste and style with comfortable seating and a comfortable bed. The use of mood lighting enhances and highlights various areas of the room to help create an intimate feel.

Bedroom Design Ideas

For many people, the idea of retiring at night into a soft, sensual escape is appealing. But what are the best ways to create a bedroom with a specific appeal? First, start with the wall color. Bold colors like red inspire passion and create an air of romance. Blue hues promote relaxation and feelings of wellness. White and off-white give the room a more formal feeling. It all depends on what you want the room to say and do.

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The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. A four-poster bed is regal, romantic and sexy. Draping a canopy over the bed may be too much for some people, but if it's done tastefully using neutrally colored fabrics, canopies can create an exotic and elegant appeal.

When renovating a child's bedroom, keep in mind that children change their minds often. It's best not to do anything too drastic because their tastes will continue to evolve as they grow up. Painting the walls, purchasing new bed linens and sprucing up the curtains are economical and safe ways to handle a child's bedroom renovation.

Create separate areas within a bedroom, if you have the space. A reading area, complete with a cozy chair, bright floor lamp and soft blanket, makes great use of a small corner. A decorative folding screen might section off another corner, which can be used as a place to try on various outfits while getting ready to go out.

Bedroom Remodeling Costs

As with basement remodeling and bathroom remodeling, your design doesn't need to be costly. Think about buying affordable accessories like candles, luxurious pillows and quality bedspreads. These items alone might have enough character to transform the bedroom from boring to exhilarating. Sticking with preferred design themes also helps you create continuity across all the elements in your bedroom.

Master bedroom remodeling can be more expensive than children's bedroom remodeling because the scope of the renovation project tends to be more expensive. Transforming a master bedroom will cost some money, but it is almost always worth it in the long run. Adding a fireplace, new shelves and creative window dressings enhances the beauty of the room as well as the value of your home.

Many master bedrooms have adjoining baths and it's important to carry themes through to the bathroom as well. Coordinating wall and linen colors will give the master suite a sense of unity that will enhance its overall appeal.