Room Addition

Adding a room to your home

Adding a room to your home can offer your family lots of space for living, entertaining, and storage. A room addition will be a particularly popular option for those who are looking to increase the size of their family, and hope to grow their existing home at the same time.

However, expecting an addition to the family isn't the only reason you may add on to your home. Some of the most popular room additions include a family room addition and a sun room addition.

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Regardless of the type of addition you want to make, you can use a room addition to create more space for you and your family, without the added cost of moving or building a new home. That way, you can keep everything you love about your home, whether that's location, school district, or just the home itself, and fix everything you hate about it, from lack of space to out-dated design.

Bedroom Addition

A bedroom addition is the most common room addition in North America. Many people add a bedroom onto their home when they are expecting a baby, when a grown child moves home after school, or when a parent needs help and has to move in. However, a bedroom addition is great, even if your family isn't growing. You can use a bedroom addition for additional storage, a guest room, or for a space to entertain friends. Maybe you have the grandchildren stay overnight at times; a bedroom addition gives the kids their own space and adds value to your home.

Family Room Addition

A family room addition can be the ticket to providing your family more room to relax and entertain. You may be looking at adding a family room so that the kids have a safe place to play inside, or you may just want some space for that great home entertainment system.

A family room addition is generally larger than a bedroom addition, but it doesn't have to be more costly. The expense of your addition really depends on what types of modifications you have to make to the existing structure, and what kind of materials you need to complete construction.

Sun Room Addition

A sun room addition is a great way to get use of your outdoor spaces all year round. If you love nothing more than to sit and enjoy the view of your front or backyard, a sun room allows you to keep snug and dry in the winter, and cool and bug-free in the summer as you relax.

A sun room addition, when done properly, really adds to the value of your home. If you choose the right location for the sun room, whether that's with a view of the sunrise, the sunset, or a spectacular landscape. If you plan to sell, make sure you put the sun room in a place that other people will enjoy the view.